Sale of Falmouth School Center progesses

it cannot be used for a drug treatment center
According to School Attorney Matt DeMarcus, it is clear that no transitional drug treatment facility will ever be allowed at that location.

Last year on Feb. 20, a contract between the Board of Education Pendleton County School  District (seller) and New Foundations Transitional Living Inc. (purchaser) was entered into for the purchase of the Falmouth School Center (FSC) at 500 Chapel Street Falmouth, Kentucky for a price of $161,000 with $10,000 nonrefundable earnest money.

At that time Kincaid Regional Theater (KRT) was part of this contract. They were to have continued use of the FSC for the performance of their shows. The details of that arrangement were to be negotiated between the seller, the purchaser and KRT.

KRT chose to back out of the arrangments and seek a new location for their shows. Shirley Merrill, then Director of KRT indicated that, “Not knowing the intended use of the facility and being unfamiliar with the new owners, the KRT board decided to go another direction.”

After almost a year of negotiations and considerable public outcry early on concerning the use of the FSC as possibly a drug rehab facility, a deed has been approved by the School Board.

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