Republicans win Pendleton County convincingly

Nine contested races and Republicans win eight

With nine contested races for Pendleton County voters, Republicans walked away as winners in eight of them.

Pendleton Fiscal Court saw the biggest makeover. David Fields was reelected at the top position in county government with 3,195 votes to retiring Sheriff Craig Peoples 1,545.

Republican Alan Whaley was running unopposed for District 1 Magistrate and will be joined by fellow Republicans Josh Plummer and Darrin Gregg.

Plummer beat Dennie Gosney for the seat left vacant by the retirement of Gary Veirs. Plummer garnered 838 votes to Gosney’s 596.

Gregg won this return match from the 2014 Democrat primary over Bobby Fogle. He received 560 votes to Fogle’s 434.

Rick Mineer is the lone Democrat to win his race beating Steven Foster 781 to 485.

Pendleton County Deputy Sheriff Todd Dennie was looking to continue the tradition of the top deputy moving up to the sheriff’s spot but Eddie Quinn won in a tight race 2,340 to 2,279. Quinn, presently a police officer with Harrison County, will assume that top spot in January. Brian McCann had 136 votes in the three-man race.

Longtime County Attorney Jeff Dean was defeated by Republican newcome Stacey Sanning 2,505 to 2,178. She emphasized being an active prosecuting attorney in her campaign.

For the statewide races, Pendleton County chose to send both incumbents back to Frankfort.

Pendleton County son Mark Hart won easily in the county 3,193 to Democrat Greg Coulson’s 1,538. Hart won Harrison County, 3,143 to 2,764 and Scott County 1,369 to 1,103. He won the district by 2,183.

The final tallies for the Wil Schroder-Rachel Roberts race were not finalized as Campbell County was still outstanding but Schroder won the rural counties. Pendleton County went for Schroder 3,251 to 1,369 while he won Bracken County 1,601 to 1,277.

For US Congress House of Representatives, Thomas Massie easily bested Seth Hall in Pendleton County. He received 3,242 votes to Halls' 1,193. Independent Mike Moffett had 140 votes.

Pendleton County Republican chairperson Billy Matthews was congratulatory to both sides of the aisle for campaigns that were positive. "I am very proud of living in this community for many reasons but the respect everyone showed for each other in these races was great. We look forward to working with all to make Pendleton County great again."

According to County Clerk Rita Spencer who was reelected and running unopposed, 45 percent of those registered in the county casted a vote today.