Republicans had reasons to smile after the votes were tallied

Pendleton County has long been a bastion of Democrat power and tradition. For many Pendleton Countians, they registered as Democrats so they would have a race to vote on in the spring primary with the most times the Democrat running unopposed in the General Election in November.

That makes the results of the 2018 General Election even more surprising as the Republican candidate won eight of the nine contested races.

David Fields for Judge Executive, Eddie Quinn for Sheriff, Stacey Sanning for County Attorney, Darrin Gregg and Joshua Plummer for Magistrate, Mark Hart for Kentucky Representative, Wil Schroder for Kentucky Senator, and Thomas Massie for U.S. House of Representatives were all Republicans who won their races.

In studying the turnout, a Republican wave is even more prevalent when you see the straight party tickets cast in the election.

According to figures from the November election, there were 449 residents who cast their vote for straight Democrat party ticket. There were 1,127 residents who pressed the straight For the offices of Sheriff, County Attorney, and Magistrate that were decided by less than a few hundred votes, that 678 vote difference had to play some role in the outcome.

The breakdown of the county’s registered voters has been undergoing a makeover in the last four years.

According to figures provided by County Clerk Rita Spencer’s office, in 2014, there were 5,900 registered Democrats and 3,496 Republicans.

In 2016, there were 5,656 registered Democrats and 3,754 registered Republicans.

On Election Day, 2018, there were 5,249 registered Democrats and 4,237 registered Republicans.

In the 55 days since the election, those numbers continue to change. Presently, there are 5,195 registered Democrats and 4,278 registered Republicans.

Where there was a difference of 2,404 just four years ago, there is now only a 917 registered voter difference.

The county government makeup still has Democrat voices to lead with PVA John Steele, Circuit Clerk Michael Redden and County Clerk Rita Spencer all winning reelection unopposed.

But the Pendleton County Fiscal Court will have a Republican at its’ helm in Judge Fields, advising it legally in Sanning and three of the four magistrates in Plummer, Gregg  and  Alan Whaley who was unopposed in November.