Rep. Mark Hart speaks in support of medical marijuana

Rep. Mark Hart, R-Falmouth, voices support for a proposed medical marijuana bill for the 2019 Regular Session of the General Assembly during the Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary.

“The Medical Marijuana Legislation we are sponsoring is an effort to bring a resource to Ky that many other states have already obtained.  Myself, along with my colleagues Rep Jason Nemes, Rep Diane St. Onge, and Rep John Sims have spent time researching and learning the positives and many benefits this could have on so many people’s lives,” said Hart.

“This legislation is in no way an effort to legalize recreational use of Marijuana, which I am strongly opposed to.  It is, however, to set the guidelines for our medical community to be able to legally recommend or suggest this treatment for their patients that could benefit from it.  Our goal is to create another tool for the tool box.  To bring this resource to our state so Kentuckians no longer have to travel out of state to utilize this treatment.  Also, with the efforts of Senator Mitch McConnell and our Congressional Leaders in Congress, looking at how to change marijuana’s classification from a schedule I drug, and possibly leading to federal legalization of marijuana for medical use.  Now is the time for Ky to move forward with its own legislation.  To determine its own direction in regards to medical marijuana use,” he added.