Planning and Zoning Public Hearing and Meeting on rezoning request for old Falmouth High School

An application was made to request a zoning change from the historic building that has been Falmouth High School, Pendleton Middle School and Falmouth School Center from a school to business.

The request would allow Ross Shively of Highland Hills Holdings, LLC to move forward with plans of a vertical garden inside the aging, dilapidated building and creating an adaptive, reuse project that will bring the loved building back to a vibrant part of Falmouth.

The two-hour public meeting included:

Brian Thompson present the application to the commission;

Ross Shively and his team answer questions from the commission;

Concerned citizens address the commission, Shively and his team with questions and concerns;

After the commission had adjourned the public hearing, they moved into a business meeting where Randy Rose made the motion to accept the zoning change. It passed 7-0. The commission will make a recommendation to the Falmouth City Council who will vote on the final say concerning the zone change.

Falmouth Mayor Ron Stinson, who along with City Councilpersons Amy Hurst, Joyce Carson, Shannon Johnson and David Klaber was in attendance at the public hearing, indicated he expected the council would discuss the issue at the caucus meeting on February 5. No action can be taken at a caucus meeting. He would expect that potential action could be taken at the February 19 regular scheduled meeting.

Falmouth Outlook staff will be investigating what this decision means for the residents surrounding the area, Highland Hills Holdings, the Pendleton County Farmers Market and City of Falmouth. Make sure to pick up your February 5 edition for complete coverage.