Philis Wait steps down from Falmouth City Council after vote

Falmouth says no to privatizing trash

At a special meeting of City of Falmouth council before their regularly scheduled caucus meeting, the city council voted in a 4-2 vote to keep offering trash service ran by the city department instead of privatizing it via a bid from Rumpke.

It was a contentious meeting that saw many periods of residents and councilmembers talking over each other and limiting the ability to hear all the points being made. There were charges made from several sides during the at times heated discussion.

It centered around a disagreement on whether the trash department makes money for the city or it does not make money. Both sides offered reports to support their side.

After the vote was made and the motion had been moved to consider buying a garbage truck, council member voted no on the buying of a truck, made a passionate statement and quit as a Falmouth Councilmember.

A video of the entire special meeting can be viewed on the video page of

Editor's note: The constant talking over each other by almost everyone in the room at times, possibly, will lead to an inability to hear all of the discussion that was occurring.