Pendleton residents now have after hours health care options

When a parent comes home to Pendleton County from work late in the evening and they find a sick child, they now will have an option to have their child seen by a medical professional.

When a child is injured in a sporting or recreation event at the Pendleton County Athletic park in the afternoon or on the weekend, they now will have the availability of seeing a medical care professional within the county borders.

When a farmer might find themselves out in the field and have a cut that requires some stitches, they won’t have to head north or south to get it looked at. They can travel to Falmouth or on the AA by Peach Grove/Mt. Auburn area to have it handled.

Those and many other medical issues can be handled with the opening of an HMH After Hours Clinic at 1120 W. Shelby St. in Falmouth County. It is the home of Family Care Associates during the workday.

Steven Neus, M.D. along with his wife Jo Lewis Neus are thrilled to announce the opening of Minutemen Urgent Care & Medical Services located at 13180 AA Hwy N in Foster. It is formerly the home of UKB and Teller’s on AA Highway.

At the ribbon cutting ceremonies for HMH Clinic, Pendleton County Judge Executive David Fields said, “This is  a  great occasion  that we  have been  working towards in Pendleton County and specifically Falmouth.”

He and Kentucky 78th District House of Representative member Mark Hart had recently approached Harrison Memorial Hospital about a plan to provide after hours coverage.

Hart pointed out this started taking shape in 2003.

“When Magistrate Rick Mineer was on Falmouth City Council and I was mayor, we started working on this. Bill Mitchell was pointing out that having this type of health care was important to enhance the community’s economic opportunities.

“We had some stumbling blocks but the idea never faded. Now was the time. It’s taken us awhile but we are here,” he said.

Judge Fields noted the importance that while the option is open, “we have to get the word out and have it being used.”

While Falmouth has a new health care option, Northeast Pendleton County is getting its own new option. Minutemen Urgent Care & Medical Services will serve as a convenient trip for all residents in Pendleton, Bracken, Southern Campbell and Mason Counties who are in need of medical care.

“We are excited about the opening as it has always been a dream of my mind and my mothers for a long time. I am humbled by the overwhelming support from friends and family. I would include my patients, but they have always been my family. My desire is to give back to the community as they have always supported me and are forever in my heart,” said Dr. Neus.

Dr. Neus likens himself to that of an old “country doctor” and prides himself on being available to his patients whenever it may be necessary. His facility will be capable of treating a wide-ranging list of ailments, illnesses, injuries, lacerations, breathing complications and equipped to perform some minor surgeries for both adults and pediatrics.

An open house to commemorate the grand opening will be held beginning at 10 a.m. on October 6. A ceremony blessing the building will take place with Bro. Jackie McElfresh, Ron Foley, and Alex Hyrza will be officiating the event.

Dr. Neus extends an invite to anyone in the public who would like to attend. The office will be open from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. on October 7 for walk-in appointments. For any other questions, please call the office at (859) 444-7993.