Pendleton County Youth Fair LIvestock projects help youth and community

With the Pendleton County Youth Fair scheduled to kick off on Monday, July 23, youth throughout Pendleton County are making the last touches and training with their livestock for the competition and sales. It’s a week they have been preparing a year for.

“It showed me that hard work does payoff at the end,” said Drake Pierce who has been showing swine for five years. “There a lot of challenges to overcome and you sacrifice throughout the year so you can see what you accomplished at the end of the year.”

It’s a sacrifice which long-time supporter Billie Jo Chaplin agreed. “As I look back over the years, I can remember many a day, Jodi or Josh thought they had made plans to go somewhere only to be told by their Dad, ‘only after your cattle are taken care of.’”

She is now seeing that same time of responsibility and hard work message passed onto her granddaughters.

“There are many important life skills that can be developed and learned from raising a food animal,” she said.

“It really gives you responsibility that is different than having a dog in the house,” said Jenna Gosney who is in her fourth year of showing cattle.

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