PCHS NJROTC has a new leadership team

LCDR Warren has several solutions on how to accomplish this. “I want to show them how the things we’re learning can be directly applied in their everyday life. I also want to make the class fun, which I believe helps connect us as well. I like to do that through hands on activities whenever I can.”

December saw an end of an era for the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps at Pendleton County High School. Petty Officer Kirt Prather retired from PCHS after many years as instructor for the NJROTC unit. Only one month later, a new era has begun with the introduction of two new instructors for the unit.

The PCHS NJROTC unit welcomed Lieutenant Commander CJ Warren and Chief Roy Fultz earlier as they returned from winter break.

Commander Warren has taken up the position of Senior Naval Science Instructor (SNSI) and Chief Fultz the position of Naval Science Instructor (NSI) at PCHS. Together, they must fill the leadership roles of Doc Prather, Joel Nahari and others left behind while at the same time learn to connect with the cadets of the unit.

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