Patti Piatt does not care who proposes it, if it's good for Kentucky

With family roots dating back to Revolutionary War era and serving under General George Washington, Patti Piatt’s family has deep roots in Boone County built on a family legacy of hard work, honor and Kentucky pride.

In the seventh grade, she penned a letter to Congress and is wanting the voters of Kentucky.’s House of Representatives 4th District to send her to Washington starting with the Democrat primary on May 22.

And it’s not just Democrat voters but a willingness to “take off our partisan hats and work together to find solutions to our big issues. We need people who will get results, not more gridlock” according to her campaign website.

The mother of five has suffered the heartache loss of a child through suicide and felt the impact of mental illness on families. She was a teenage mother who worked her way “up the ladder from a waitress to a corporate executive” according to her campaign literature.

And it’s her “five generations deep of farmers, laborers, and small business owners” that she points to in wanting to fight for a job for every Kentuckian.

Pendleton County has gone Republican throughout the past few elections and she was asked what was it about the Democrat message that has not been resonating with Pendleton County and why she is the candidate that can speak to the citizens of the county.

“I don’t care if it is Republican or Democrat, if it is good for Kentucky, I am for it,” she stated while pointing out that she does not agree with Mitch McConnell much but he is right on hemp being legalized.

She continued, “I don’t care who proposed it. Everyday people don’t live by asking people what their political stance is.”

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