Carl A. Grizovic, 37 Eva J. Grizovic, 9 Abigail L. Grizovic, 7


Sons, Daughters, Friends; Built not with hands but formed
By compassion, integrity, and discipline. Discipline of the body Of the soul
Of the mind. Integrity in word And deed. Compassion toward the lesser
-and the greater. Press on. Building pillars to stand with dignity and strength These oaks- unshifting. Blessed.
The years fade like the grass of the field; Here, then gone. Press on.
- A.M.G.

Carl A Grizovic Jr. began his legacy on July 7, 1982. He managed to squeeze every last drop that he could out of his 37 years of life. He was a man with a vision and a drive that most cannot fathom and would weary in trying to imitate. Throughout his life on this earth, Carl lived for one reason and one reason only: to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and make Him known to all who knew him. Carl loved Jesus. He also loved people in a way that made them feel ok and almost comfortable with being human. He helped us embrace our humanness and he showed us that it’s ok to be who we are, to mess up, to take risks that fail, and to laugh at everything no matter how awkward or insignificant. Every day was a good day; a gift. Every moment was meaningful and significant. Every moment was holy. If it wasn’t, he sought to find an answer as to why and he would change his thinking nearly instantaneously so as to redeem the moment.

Born to Danette and Carl Grizovic, Sr., Carl was raised in Clermont county, and graduated from Amelia High School in ‘99. Upon graduation, he began his painting career with Otto Liske Home Pros (OLHP). During this time he also helped manage New Life Skateboard Ministry, a local ministry which traveled to many church parking lots with a portable skatepark. They set up the ramps, attracted a crowd, and used the opportunity to preach the gospel. When Carl turned 18 he drove out to California to join SAP Skateboards, a professional skateboard team that uses skate- boarding as a tool to further the Kingdom of God. Carl moved back to Cincinnati some months later and resumed his role as foreman with OLHP. It was during this time that his eyes set on a young gal and his focus remained unthwarted until he and Amy Bruns were wed on May 15, 2004.

Carl began a successful painting company and worked tirelessly to keep it in business for 10 years. He was devoted to hard work and dedicated to excellence in all his dealings with his clientele. He delighted in seeing something in disarray become restored. He found joy in beautifying this city one house or building at a time. In all that he did with the business, one of his greatest joys was to lend an extended hand to those who needed a fresh start or a second chance. Carl operated in a grace that can only come from the deepest of thankfulness. He never tired of being gracious, even when it cost him. It did cost him. But he counted that cost as a joy.

His affections for his beloved wife were the deepest and truest form of love imaginable. He fought hard for his marriage and remained faithful to his lovely bride. When things got tough, his love was committed. He provided endless hours of laughter, dreamed the most unexpected dreams and brought to fruition countless surprises that either kept his wife fully entertained or completely in suspense.

Carl believed that the home and the people in it ought to operate as a team. He led this thought by example. It was not uncommon to see him rally his 5 children together for a family project. While some projects were less than exciting, they still lived to impress him. Being on dad’s team meant everything to his children. They knew they belonged to him and they knew they were important. They sought no other affir- mation other than to know they were his.

His legacy will be carried through his wife, Amy Grizovic (Bruns), his beloved son Ethan, his beloved daughter Eden, and his beloved son Elim. He is survived by his parents, Carl Grizovic, Sr, and Danette Grizovic (Ritter), his brother Clint Grizovic (Liz) and his sister Katie Tuttle (Jeremy) along with 4 beautiful nieces. Carl has many remaining Aunts, Uncles, cousins and second cousins. He is also survived by his Grandmother of 92 years. Carl is further survived by his faithful yellow labrador, Wendy, who lives on at the age of 16.

Eva J Grizovic was born January 15, 2010. She burst into this world with vibrant life and endless joy. Her love and joy was truly a fountain that splashed onto all she knew. She had a love for animals that grew deeper every day. She blessed her sisters in the way that she always thought of their needs and was such a helper to her mama. Her friendships were the most sincere that any could experience. She loved all people fiercely and it was no surprise when she offered for others to come over for dinner  most of the time without her mother knowing. Eva always made room in her heart for others and her family made extra room in their home. She was the life of the party and her love was truly contagious.

Abigail L Grizovic, born May 2, 2012 came into this world offering a new and fresh perspective on life. She saw things in this world in a way no one else did. He brain was always turning with ideas, inventions, and observations in creation. She was a precious angel with her white hair and blue eyes. One night she was found crying before bedtime because she “wanted to see God so bad.” She was contemplative and patient, yet vibrant. Like Tigger, she didn’t walk; she bounced. Her sincerity toward others was irresistible. She couldn’t leave your presence without giving you a hug.

In addition to the afore-mentioned family, the girls are also survived by Gregory Bruns and Kathy Bruns (McGhee), Shanon Robyn (Bruns) and Eric Robyn, W. Michael Ryan and Mary Ryan (McGhee), Claude and Janice McGhee, George and Shirley Bruns (Reckers), Helen Hall, Melissa Bruns, Don and Diane Campbell (Bruns), and Kurt and Dorothy Hummeldorf (Bruns) along with many second cousins.

The Celebration of Life for Carl, Eva, and Abigail will be held at Calvary Baptist Church on November the 9th, 2019.

The service will begin promptly at 10am.

There will be no visitation.

In lieu of flowers, please offer a memorial gift to the Grizovic Family Children’s Trust Fund which will help support the Grizovic children in the years to come.

Please send Trust Fund Gifts to Grassy Creek Christian Church, 6884 Highway 17, Demossville Ky 41033.

Peoples Funeral Home is assisting the family.