Rice Casserole

Gloria serves potluck rice casserole

It’s Monday morning. All is peacefully quiet around here. My husband, Daniel, went to work at 5:45 and the children, Austin and Julia, are both sound asleep so I decided to grab a pen in an attempt to put these quiet moments to good use.

It looks like a busy day ahead. I have some last minute odds and ends to tackle before our trip to Ohio.

We look forward to spending several days with Daniel’s family in Knox  County, Ohio then travel on to the large Amish community near Holmes County where one of my cousins plan to get married.

In spite of my lengthy “to do” list for the day I do feel quite relieved this morning as well. Yesterday we finished our turn with having church. Since we don’t have adequate space in our home to host the 120 people who usually come to church we took our turn at the school house. During summer vacation those of us who can’t practically have church in our homes take a  turn cleaning the school house and getting it ready for services.