Ground pork and venison are the basis for Gloria’s Deer Sausage recipe. This is sound ground pork being worked up at an Amish home in Kansas recently.

The Amish Cook: Church goes hog wild

Hello to all! Early this past Wednesday morning things began stirring in our Amish community. Each year we as a church gather for a hog-butchering. Yes, it’s a major undertaking, yet well worth it, as it supplies us with meat for much of the year. Everyone has items to bring along. Some furnish stuffers, grinders and tables while others bring more basic items such as butcher aprons, knives, larger containers and totes as well as spices and seasoning mixes for stuffed sausage, bologna or breakfast sausage. Throughout the day everything gets mixed together, therefore marking your items is a must (Like my Mom used to say: “Everything gets marked but my children!”)

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