New immunization guidelines that parents need to act on NOW

Pendleton County Schools along with the rest of the schools in Kentucky will have a new immunization requirement for the 2018-19 school year. And it takes SIX MONTHS to complete the immunization process.

The new law requires all students to receive a Hepatitis A vaccine. It is imperative for parents to start that now as officials indicate the Hepatitis A vaccine is given in two doses that are six months apart.

Students 16 and older must get a meningitis booster.

Kentucky’s new immunization guidelines were adopted before the Hepatitis A outbreak began sweeping the country. About 30 patients have been reported in Kentucky, mostly in Louisville.

Pendleton County Schools have and are communicating in several different forums to provide parents with information on immunization guidelines.

Local doctors and the health department have been encouraging parents to have their child get the immunizations now.

For students to have BOTH shots of Hepatitis A, they will need to have the first shot by mid-February.

Another immunization area that is being addressed by Pendleton County schools is the state requirement for students moving from the elementary school and the fifth grade to the middle school and sixth grade.

Students have a round of immunizations required but many parents miss those. Students generally have a two-week window at the start of school to either get the immunization or have an appointment scheduled. Having neither runs the risk of the student being pulled from school.

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