A miracle is happening

“The support from our small community makes us realize how big we really are,” said Jennifer Hartzel, Miracle Point Board Chairwoman.

     A small miracle in the making happened on Tuesday, March 12. The W.E. Believe Network hosted their monthly quarter auction at El Paso Mexican Restaurant and chose Miracle Point Playground as the recipient of the proceeds. Seats started filling up before 4 p.m., donations started filling the tables, and volunteers showed up in full force.
    Miracle Point board members, W.E. Believe Network members, and Falmouth Rotary members collected quarters, spotlighted auction items, sold t-shirts, and counted quarters--lots and lots of quarters.
    So many quarters, in fact, that this was the largest grand total to date for the W.E. Believe Network. With the help of numerous donations and a portion of proceeds from El Paso’s sales from the day, Miracle Point Playground received a total of $2,874.20 at the end of the night.
    “The support from our small community makes us realize how big we really are,” said Jennifer Hartzel, Miracle Point Board Chairwoman.
    “We have now raised just over $50,000 in the nine months we have been actively fundraising. This $50,000 has come from the individuals, families, and organizations in our own community. We have yet to reach out for corporate sponsorships and grant opportunities. There are so many kids and adults alike who are so excited about having an inclusive playground for our community. Better yet, they are so excited to help us to make this dream come true. The support we have received so far has been nothing less than amazing. We cannot say thank you enough,” she added.
     The support and excitement for the “miracle” has to endure, however.
    The Miracle Point Playground Board is looking at an estimated $250,000 total budget. This budget includes the play surface, fencing, play equipment, and labor.
    Board members hope to be releasing official plans and pictures in the very near future. Please follow Miracle Point Playground Facebook page for all updates and announcements.
    Miracle Point Playground started with a dream, a dream of a group of moms for their kids with special needs to have a place to play with their friends and family.
    That dream was quickly turned into a plan.
    “A year ago I called Jennifer Hartzel to ask if there was a fund for a project like this that could be used for my grandfather’s funerary memorial. I thought it would be a perfect remembrance because he loved sports and play but spent the last quarter of his life physically disabled due to a stroke. Now, thanks to so many generous community partners and dedicated individuals, not only does that fund exist but there is over $50,000 in it!  It’s truly amazing!” said Adam Hall, Miracle Point Board Member.