The Mick Craig Kincaid Longspurs Youth Turkey Hunt

The Kincaid Longspurs held their annual Mick Craig Kincaid Longspurs Youth Turkey Hunt on April 20-21. The event is designed to take kids under the age of 15 turkey hunting in order to encourage them to be active in outdoors activities. This year, eight kids were paired with eight experienced hunters to learn the sport.

The Kincaid Longspurs met at New Hope Church of Christ  on April 20, to give the hunters and guides an opportunity to meet one another, go over gun safety, and teach the youth hunters what to expect.

The next day they arose early to go to the field. After the hunt, the group returns to New Hope to enjoy a meal and share their experiences with each other. Three youth hunters were able to capture a turkey for their weekend prize.

“The goal of today is to just have fun,” Kincaid Longspurs President Tom Goodhew explained. “Just to get kids out into the outdoors away from their cell phones for a little while. And to introduce them to turkey hunting and the outdoors lifestyle.”

The hope is to develop more hunters in the area. The youth hunt is a part of the National Wild Turkey Federation’s Save The Hunt, Save the Habitat program.  The goal is to get over five million acres of land opened up and 10,000 hunters in the field over the next few years.

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