Matt Bevin's administration issues subpoena to JCPS over teacher sickouts

Gov. Matt Bevin's administration has issued Jefferson County Public Schools a subpoena related to a wave of recent teacher "sickouts," according to the district.

JCPS was issued the subpoena Wednesday by the Kentucky Labor Cabinet, district spokeswoman Renee Murphy said. She said it was in reference to the sickouts, but would not elaborate further about the purpose of the subpoena.

The sickouts, which forced Kentucky's largest school district to shut down six times between Feb. 28 and March 14, drew ire from the governor and his education chief, Wayne Lewis.

Lewis last month collected the names of teachers who may have participated in the sickouts from JCPS and nine other districts but said he wouldn't investigate individual teachers further if the protests stopped.

When announcing that decision, Lewis informed the affected districts that the Labor Cabinet could take action of its own, pointing to a law allowing the agency to issue fines of up to $1,000 against public workers engaged in strikes or illegal work stoppages.

A Cabinet spokeswoman did not immediately return a request for comment.