What are LGEA funds?

    LGEA funds are funds from mineral severance from mines and use of the resources of the state and county. According to Judge Exec David Fields, the state takes half of those funds right off the top and then sends the county, its portion.
    Pendleton County has $1,198,442 in LGEA funds for 2019-20 but that number is inflated through a CDR that was “supposed to be rolled over by the county’s previous bank but was not.”
    The funds are not always guaranteed to be available and Pendleton County has had years they received zero LGEA funds.
    The funds are specifically prohibited for the administration of government by KRS 42.455(2)(3)(4) and have a tight allowable expenditure category.
    The 2019-20 budget is proposed to use funds for the ambulance districts of Pendleton County under the category of protection to person and property.
    Other allowable expenses are Office of the Sheriff excluding collection of taxes or office administration; Office of the Coroner; Economic Development; General Health and Sanitation; Social Services; Recreation and Culture; Transportation Facilities and Services; Roads; Airports; Bus Services; Other Transportation; Road Facilities; Debt Service; Capital Projects; Fringe Benefits.