TOP COMMUNITY STORY IN 2019: Once again, anonymous donor gifts teachers with $100

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Year 2019 is seen by many as the year that the Kentucky teacher rose up and demanded their voice be heard throughout the state in a political battle versus Governor Matt Bevin.
    In response to unflattering and rude comments directed at teachers, they were vocal in the governor race and saw Democrat Andy Beshear ride that wave to victory and residence in the Governor’s Mansion. As a thanks, he named the Kentucky teachers as the Grand Marshals in his Inauguration parade.
    One local anonymous donor showed their appreciation to the job that educators do on a daily basis with a simple $100 bill thank you. It was the second year that the gift had been made through the Pendleton County Education Foundation.
    There were 141 recipients of the $100 of the Classroom Teacher Supply Fund totaling $14,100.
    Last year, the donation was a response to concerns about the lack of public school funding and general lack of support for teachers by the state and federal government. It also was based on personal knowledge that teachers spend far more than this annually on classroom matertials and supplies.
    PCEF President Karen Delaney announced, Thanks to the donations over the past year, the Classroom Supply Fund once again has sufficient funds to provide each teach with $100 award to be applied toward purchase of materials for their classroom.”
    Teachers spending money out of pocket is not unique to Pendleton County.
    In the 2014-15 school year, 94 percent of public school teachers spent their own money on classroom supplies without reimbursement according to released federal data.
    On average, teachers spent $479. The study also revealed that 13 percent spent betwen $501 and $1,00 and seven percent spent more than $1,000.
    On the timing of the funds, one teacher commented, “I can find supplies on sale now, so I can get more for that $100 in August than I would in January.”
    Other teachers expressed they would purchase software for their math students, guitar strings for their students, baskets and bins for a classroom reading center, charging stations for student computers at Sharp Middle School and many varied ways.
    While the $100 helped students, it did more than that for teachers.
    “I wouldn’t say the money helped the most in my classroom. It helped my heart and attitude. The gift has been a reminder that we do have people in our corner. It’s helped me start the school year feeling appreciated and prepared to do what we do best - love kids and work to prepare them for a successful future,” said Jaimie Mann, teacher at Pendleton County High School.
    Donations for the continuation of the Classroom Teacher Supply Fund can be made directly to PCEF online at or mailed to P.O. Box 88, Falmouth, Ky, 41040.