Stinson wins Falmouth mayor race

The mayorial race was seen as a close contest as the voters headed to the polls on Tuesday. The high voter turnout saw 587 votes cast by the voters in support of the three mayorial candidates. Voters had a tough decision as they were faced with issues concerning electric rates, water treatment, and sanitation pick up.

As the results rolled in and were counted for the final time Ron Stinson received the majority with 327 votes He was followed by Sebastian Ernst (181), and Elonda  Hinson (79). 

The candidates responded to the outcome of the night in differing tones, but both looking forward to the future of our city. Mr. Ernst responded, by e-mail, with the following, “His success is now our success and I wish him luck. While they are focused on trying to manage our failing utility departments, and raising our rates beyond that of what our population can afford, I’ll be focused on bringing in more businesses and building our tax base downtown. I want to thank everyone who had faith in me.”

Mayor Stinson said, "I truly appreciate everyone who came out to exercise their right to vote today, whether for me or my two opponents. I'm looking forward to working with the new council as it will take a team effort to tackle the issues before us."