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Stalking suspect arrested, charged and arraigned

Police fear there are more victims

    Friday morning a light snow covered the Falmouth Skate Park, but over the past three months it has been the site of an older man approaching teen boys, attempting to solicit sexual acts.
    On that same morning James Bussman was sitting in a Kenton County jail facing six charges relating to the incident.
    Bussman faces one charge involving an adult and five charges involving a minor. All are misdemeanor charges. They are: Loitering for purposes of prostitution, one count adult victim; Loitering for prostitution, two counts, minor; Stalking second degree, one county, minor; Solicitation for unlawful transaction with a minor first degree (sexual acts), two counts, minor.
    After Monday’s initial report, Falmouth Police Officer Mark Branham interviewed a juvenile who was first approached in November, 2019, also at the skate park.
    In mid-January, the same teenager was approached by the same man as he was jogging on McKenneysburg Road by the cemetery. The older man pulled up in front of him and blocked the teen from going forward.  
    Wesley Cain, 18, told police that he was at the skate park in Falmouth when an older man approached him about where the local police station was because he wanted to report a pervert. That was on December 28, 2019.
    “Being a retired cop, he knows the ins-and-outs of police work,” said Branham who was the investigating officer.
    Cain said the man eventually offered him $100 to have sex with him, and Cain said no. The man increased the price up to $400.
    “Eventually,” Cain told FOX19. “It got to the point I’m like, “No thank you, I’m good. No, no.’”
    The Falmouth Police Department conferred with County Attorney Stacey Sanning and the Commonwealth District Attorney’s office to work up the charges they could bring against him. The U. S. Marshall arrested Bussman at his Boone County residence. He also has a home by Kincaid Lake State Park.
    A pretrial service company makes a recommendation to Judge Bill Kuster, Jr. about bond based upon a point system that each person is evaluated. With all of the charges falling in the misdemeanor range, a $2,000 bond was set. Bond is set in a judgment of flight risk.
    “The Falmouth Police Department asks and encourages any individuals that have had an encounter like this to call or stop by the police department to report it,” requested Clem who expressed concern that these are not the only two cases out there. The department is located at 212 Main Street. Victims can also call 859-654-5555.
    Bussman also faces charges of Stalking in the second degree from an arrest by Kenton County on September 30, 2019.
    He served as Falmouth Assistant Police Chief under Benny Johnson who was the Chief of Police. He was with the office in 2015 and 2016.


    James John Bussman was arraigned in front of Judge Bill Kuster, Jr. in District Court on Tuesday, February 11. He was denied a public defender and entered a plea of not guilty to charges of Loitering for prostitution purposes first and second offense, Stalking second degree and Unlawful transaction with minor first degree sexual act. The latter charge was amended to Solicitation during the arraignment. A pretrial conference was set for 10 a.m. on March 31.