Russ Conrad is a natural storyteller

I recently chanced upon meeting Russ Conrad and his wife, Penny, at a local restaurant.  I knew Russ from the days he was owner of Conrad’s hardware/appliance store in Falmouth.  He and Penny now live in Union.
    Russ was telling me he had developed a professional entrepreneurial story-telling profession.  This profession was interesting to me as I am drawn to are all types of performing arts.
    I asked Russ if he would provide me with his biography and information about his story-telling exploits. Following is based upon the information Russ provided.
    Russ truly enjoyed his time as a store owner in downtown Falmouth.  Russ is a “people person” spending most of his day at the store being of service to his customers or just visiting and fellowshipping with them.
 Russ considers he has earned two degrees 1) Business Administration Degree from UK  2) More importantly his practical experience running his family store.
    After completing his course work at UK in entrepreneurial studies the idea of a story telling career was birthed. Russ’s wife of 50 years and their two children provided much material for his stories in his early years.
    Russ took storytelling so seriously that in July 2010 he was invited to make a presentation at the National Storytelling Network Conference in Los Angeles.
    A primary goal for Russ as a storyteller is to allow the listener to travel back in time and recall their memories of the past (hopefully pleasant).  To accomplish this goal many of Russ’s stories concern his childhood, his family and the joyful moments running the family hardware store. His storytelling career dates back to 2005.
    Some “notes and bolts “of storytelling from Russ’s perspective are 1) a 10-minute story usually takes a week to write and practice 2) very few stories are memorized “word for word” (i.e. THEY ARE NOT SET IN STONE).
    3) Russ’s story may vary from presentation to presentation allowing for spontaneity.  4) He has many stories in developmental stages.  5) Storytelling in many ways is different from acting and standup comedy.
    Russ indicates that writing and telling stories is a true joy for him.  “Blessed is the man whose work is his joy”.  
    To contact Russ concerning a presentation for your group he may be reached at 859-462-1567 or email him at