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Li'L Abner coming to town

Opening night is Friday, June 21

Kincaid Regional Theatre proudly presents Li’L Abner as their 2019 summer mainstage musical. Opening Friday, June 21 at 8pm, KRT is excited to be back at the Griffin Centre at the Pendleton County Fairgrounds for this production.
    While considering Li’L Abner for their summer mainstage, many leaders in the theatre recalled joyous memories of past productions that have been performed every 10 years or so in local school districts since the 1970s. Recognizing that local theatre-goers carry the musical close to heart, KRT decided to bring that fun and good feeling Li’L Abner provides to their stage.
    The musical is based on the famous Al Capp comics of the same name, with music written by the creators of another famous musical, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. While many will be familiar with the show and the 1959 Hollywood film, the creative team behind KRT’s production have sought to give the 63-year-old musical a fresh take with singing and dancing that will make audiences want to yell “yee haw!”
    New to KRT’s production, each actor will play a musical instrument at some point during the performance; all while accompanied by a four piece on-stage band. The actors take this new performance element a step further, pretending to fish and hunt with guitars and other instruments while singing the day away. Set in the fictional rural Appalachian town of Dogpatch U.S.A., the characters begin the show just as they would any other day. They go about their business washing clothes, fishing, and strumming their guitars when their peace is interrupted with the news that the United States government has deemed Dogpatch an “unnecessary town” that will soon be used to test the military’s new bomb. This news quickly has the town reeling as the residents don’t want to leave their homes and see their town destroyed. It’s then up to local hero, the young and handsome Abner Yokum, and friends to find something “necessary” about Dogpatch and save their town. Little does he know that answer might lay in the Yokumberry tree planted in his own backyard, the same berry that gave him great strength and height. This tree might be Dogpatch’s only chance to be saved. Find out if these underdogs can get this berry to Washington D.C. and save their town!
    KRT identified with the challenge faced by the residents of Dogpatch. Just as the characters work to deem Dogpatch a “necessary” town, KRT works to give their rural Falmouth the very best theatre it can provide and make attending a show here “worth the drive.” KRT invites all to attend a performance this summer. Ticket prices are as follows: Adult $15, Senior (55+) $14, Students $14, and Children $10. Tickets can be purchased online at, by phone 859-654-2636, or are available at the Griffin Centre gate. Check out the Kincaid Regional Theatre Facebook page for show updates and special ticket deals.