Jay Gee supports facilities across the country and Canada from Butler

    Jay Gee Manufacturing supports over 80 facilities in the United States and Canada Joe Harris told a group Pendleton County leaders in an economic visit to the Butler plant.
    The plant repairs and fixes major pieces of equipment for the Dar Pro facilities throughout North America. A couple of recent projects saw pieces of equipment shipped out from Butler that were in excess of 100,000 pounds.
    With plants in Los Angeles, Fresno and San Francisco, Harris indicated that it was cheaper to build the items in Butler and ship them to California than to actually build them in California.
    He also indicated that in the last six years, they have grown twice in size.
    “Our machinery shops are at full capacity. The economy is good,” said Harris.
    As technology has improved, Jay Gee has seen improvements that have allowed them to be more efficient.
    While on the tour, a plasma cutter was being used to cut metal circles out of a thick piece of steel. Dustin Crouch would take the pieces of metal and bend them for later use in repairing or building a piece of needed equipment.
    According to Michael Halcomb, “It has turned a three-week project into a one-day project.”
    “Jay Gee has been an outstanding member of the Pendleton County business community for decades. I was so impressed with them on how much that is made here or brought here to be repaired then  to  be  shipped  nationwide to different plants,” said Judge Executive David Fields.
    The plant is in need of welders, indicating they have a staff of 27 welders, and they have open spots.
    Pendleton County Economic Director Bill Mitchell discussed the welding program  being  offered, and  they committed to hiring the graduates of the program.
    They did indicate that soft skills was the area that workers they hire are lacking; specifically, they have a problem with workers wanting to call in on a regular basis and lacking a strong work ethic.
    Seventy percent of the long-term employees are Pendleton County residents, but Jay Gee also draws from Bracken, Robertson and Harrison counties.
    They have reset their salary schedule to prevent high turnover and to compete against workers wanting to go north to work.
    With the short drive to work in your home county and competitive wages, there is no need to make the drive north is their mindset.
    “A high quality manufacturer like Jay Gee is what we want in our community,” said Mitchell.
    Fields added, “Another perfect example of the commitment and dedication from the companies and their employees in Pendleton County.