Former UK quarterback wants his fans to make healthier choices

Former University of Kentucky starting quarterback, Kentucky prep football superstar, and sports radio personality Jared Lorenzen took his talents to Falmouth last weekend as part of a health and fitness initiative he’s sponsoring.

Lorenzen, who is aptly nicknamed the “Hefty Lefty”, is one of the largest quarterbacks to ever lace up cleats. In fact, Lorenzen is statistically the heaviest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl ring; something he accomplished in 2007 as Eli Manning’s backup. While Lorenzen was a quarterback in at Highlands High School in northern Kentucky, large schools such as Purdue were recruiting him to play defensive line instead because of his massive stature.

Fast forward to 2018, Lorenzen is still one of the largest quarterbacks, or men you’ll ever meet. However, this year Lorenzen has another personal record to best: getting back into the best shape of his life. Personally motivated to making better lifestyle choices that will benefit his long term health, Lorenzen chose to use his platform to inspire people from all around his home state to come get in shape with him.

Lorenzen’s ‘Get Fit with Jared’ program is designed to combat obesity in Kentucky communities through nutritional advice and various workouts. The program’s goal is to travel to all 120 counties around the state spreading his goodwill message.

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