Farmers cite loyalty for Farmers Market

As you move from booth to booth talking to the local farmers who weekly set up shop at the Pendleton County Farmers Market besides Barnes Hardware in Falmouth, one thing continues to be pointed out by them.

“All of us coming here have a loyal customer base,” said owner of Faith Acres Farm, Jeff Pettit. “Those customers come here each week looking for us.”

Jenny Beetz of Rose Hill Winery agreed. “We have a good customer base that looks for us here.”

That loyalty is built on a foundation of quality homegrown products from people they know. The Farmers Market is open each Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. from May through November beside Barnes Lumber in Falmouth.
Those products and offerings available each morning are varied.

Beyond the maple syrup and honey that Pettit takes from his farm outside of Butler to the wine grown on Rose Hill’s five-acre vineyard with seven varieties of grapes, a patron has many choices each Saturday morning.

There are jams and jellies as well as homemade biscuits by Jennifer Britt at Britt’s Backyard. She has nine different flavors from strawberry to peach to rhubarb to plums and pears and mulberries.

Beekee Hayslette of Bubbly Bee Soaps had a baby that seemed to be allergic to everything. She did her research online and made soap out of milk, honey and oatmeal. Now she creates her wares from local honey with herbs grown in her backyard.

Krift Farms offers a wide assortment of produce from their family farm and have had a good supply of strawberries in the spring. They know that “business will be picking up” as the end of June comes.

Amanda Ginn lives in the Morgan area on Tucker Ridge Farm and has two milking goats. From her twice-a-day milking sessions, she makes her products.

Pet Wants from Williamstown is in their first year of being a part of the Farmers Market and offering their fresh dog food without the preservatives that the major chain dog food has.

Sue Sissel Holder is returning to the family farm after retiring from the Air Force and has fresh eggs.

Pendleton County Extension sponsors the Farmers market and provides training for each to make sure state guidelines are being followed as well as farmers are maximizing their opportunities.