Falmouth councilman's social media post creates uproar

At 8:59 a.m. on Tuesday, June 5, it had been a calm morning of relatively little turmoil.

At 9 a.m. when City of Falmouth Councilman Sebastian Ernst made a Facebook post, the political world of Falmouth was turned upside down.

As of Monday at noon, _____ posts have been made concerning the controversial message with emotions high and stances running the gamut.

In an exclusive interview with the Falmouth Outlook, Ernst pointed out that he is just frustrated with the slow pace that the city council and city government is moving.

The former Marine conceded that his expectations of getting things done move more like a Marine Corp than government.

“It’s a pattern of putting things off,” he said about his frustration. “Nothing is proposed at meetings and it’s very disheartening when no one shows up for meetings.”

His post was centered on two grants missing deadlines. The Fireman Assistant grant was in February while the Veterans Park grant that he was heading up missed the end of May deadline.

At first, residents were upset and angered over the lack of action that Ernst was portraying via social media.

Fellow Councilperson April DeFalco would soon question the accuracy of his post.

“Wow! Sebastian, you are apart of the city. The $2540K was agreed because of the paperwork, it wouldn’t happen. You were headed up the Veterans Park Grant. So, why are you blaming everyone else?” she posted on his account.

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