Falmouth City Council has four returning members

Klaber and Johnson join Falmouth City Council

The voter turnout today was heavy at the precincts for town on Tuesday. Eight candidates vying for city council awaited the results to determine who would be the six to decide the direction and future of Falmouth. Outside the polling places as people walked to and from their vehicles you could hear pieces of the conversations occurring. The voters were engaged in what they felt was an important election not only for state and county, but also our fair city. The voters had many different issues to choose from as they headed to the ballot box. No matter the issues the candidates were going to have to be prepared to generate a plan that will move us forward. 

As the polls closed and results were tallied a large crowd gathered at the courthouse to hear the results. When the results were released the new city council members fell into place. The return of experience mixed with a couple of new fresh voices. The leading vote getter was Joyce Carson who garnered 435 votes. When contacted for a comment about the night’s results she replied, “I’m honored that I have the support of so many citizens of Falmouth. I will do all I can to help move the city forward.  Thank you to all who voted for me.”  

She was followed by Amy Hurst (422), Amy Hitch (383), David Klaber (375), Stan Love (329), Shannon Johnson (279), Travis Reis (234), and Phillis Wait (196).