Each year, maple trees on the Pettit farm supplies sap for their syrup

    When  the temperatures first edges over freezing, Jeff Pettit knows that it is time to continue the tradition that his dad, James above, started in the 1980s, begin harvesting the sap from the maple trees growing on the family farm, now known as Faith Acres Farm.

    Not only has his family enjoyed it over the years but it is available for sale at faithacresfarmllc.com or via the farm’s Facebook page.

    “Jeff loves what he does,” said wife, Sarah, who pointed out they come from a life long family of farmers.

     It was Sarah who jumpstarted her husband back onto the path of his father. Stumbling on a 1980s Kentucky Post article on the Pettit patriarch making syrup, she asked Jeff if he could do that. A single question started the sweet process of syrup making.

    The syrup is not the only thing at their farm as they already have 2,300 plants in the ground and will be planting all year round. The syrup and all of their produce is available at Pendleton’s Farmers Market as well as the farm.