City of Falmouth receives a million dollars for water and sewer project

    There was a lot of excitement around the Falmouth City Building last Wednesday as the council room filled up with dignataries and local citizens. Mayor Ron Stinson had called for a special briefing to make an  announcement that would affect the city and recent projects his office had been working on.
    The meeting opened with Mayor Stinson introducing the special guests to those in attendance. Then, he introduced the commissioner from Governor Bevin’s office.
    Commissioner Sandra Dunahoo from Office of the Governor Department for Local Government presented Mayor Stinson and the City Council with a $1 million Community Development Block Grant to make significant improvements to the Falmouth wastewater system.
    Commissioner Dunahoo stated, “We make project decisions based on merit and it impacts the local community. The governor’s goal is to see growth that will provide jobs and expand business opportunities in our state. Keeping our Commonwealth’s aging wastewater infrastructure in good working order is vital to the health and safety of our communities.”
    Governor Matt Bevin said of the grant, “We are excited today to announce $1 million in CDBG grant funding for the city of Falmouth. This significant investment will enable vital infrastructure improvements to be made.”
    The city experiences excessive amounts of inflow and infiltration during heavy rainfall. This grant will allow the city to make improvements that will increase the current treatment capacity. The project will see the design and construction of a new two million gallon wet weather retention basin at the wastewater plant  and also help in the Second Street pump station to accommodate wastewater treatment plant basin development.
    Mayor Stinson said it is a great day for the city. “This grant will help us move foward on projects we have been discussing for a long time. We are making vast improvements in our wastewater system. This goes along with the positive news such as the letter we received from our Sanitary Water Survey that found no deficencies for the first time a big step in our improvement goals. But without the hard work and the well-written proposal of Bill Mitchell this might not have happened. We owe him a lot of thanks.”
    Bill Mitchell said, “This council deserves a lot of credit. They dug in deep to find a way to approach this matter. The council stepped up and said, ‘We want to do something positive for the community.’”

State Representative Mark Hart remarked of the grant, “The completion of this project will lead to reliable wastewater service for the citizens of Falmouth, and I’m glad that Falmouth has received the funds needed to address this important infrastructure improvement project.”
    State Senator Will Schroder, who was unable to attend due to prior engagements, stated in a press release, “I am grateful for this Community Development Block Grant to help revitalize facilities and expand services. This grant will significantly benefit the citizens of the City of Falmouth.”
    This grant, which does not have to be paid back, will go a long way in the redevelopment of our city’s infrastructure an ongoing process since the days of the flood.