Carson, a familiar name for Falmouth City Council

The name Carson should not be new to anyone who lives in Pendleton County let alone the City of Falmouth. Jeff Carson served on council during the ‘97 flood, Alex Carson just recently resigned from council to move to Northern Kentucky and now Joyce Carson has just been appointed to his open seat.

For the most part, this whole  family truly loves this  city  and  they  show  it through their service to it. Chris Carson, the older brother of Alex, has chosen to remain outside the political arena.

Perhaps most people are familiar with Joyce Carson as a result of her years of service in the Pendleton County School District where she taught for thirty-one and one half years and has been a substitute teacher for the last thirteen years.

Carson, who was raised on a farm off highway 159, attended Mount Auburn Elementary School, graduated from Pendleton County Memorial High School in 1970 and received her BA from Eastern Kentucky University. She earned her Masters and Rank I from Northern Kentucky University.

She has been interested in running for council for some five years and has attended meetings of council for the last four years. She and her family have lived on Robbins Ave. for thirty years.

Following her first meeting on Tuesday July 10, Carson said she felt comfortable but realized she has a lot to learn. In all, it is a wonderful challenge.

She loves this city and truly wants it to be a peaceful place to live and raise a family as she and her husband Jeff, of 46 years, have done.

She clearly remembers her childhood and the wonderful times she had. She believes that Falmouth can be that place again.

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