'Why wasn't more done for Tara?'

Dear Editor,

As a concerned tax paying and voting citizen of this county, I find myself questioning the way the missing Tara Turner case was handled. Why was this case  treated any differently than any other missing person? Why? Because Tara may have made some questionable choices in her life? We’ve all made mistakes! This was a woman who had kids and family. No different than you or I; she was a human being!

Why weren't the county officials more involved with assisting this family? No leads, really? How about the last person she was with, is that not a fair lead? Why was it totally left up to the family to recruit volunteers to search for their missing loved one? Why wasn’t she ever listed as missing person? My understanding is that the family requested this because they knew she wouldn’t just disappear.

I saw on local TV news report that this was a “priority case” for the Pendleton County Sheriff's Office. If this was such a priority then why weren't they helping in the search? Why weren't they posting about this missing woman on their Facebook page or keeping the community posted on what was going on with the search efforts?

I’m saddened that more efforts were not given by local authorities to support this family. What other avenues could have been taken to assist this family from local authorities? Anything more……seems to be better than what I saw being done.

I totally understand that an investigation needs to be kept quiet until some resolution is found. However, my concerns are what local officials did to assist the family with this case. Which leads me to question, what if this was my daughter, mother or sister? Would I be treated this way? Maybe I should consider relocating to a community that has true heart felt citizens sitting in official seats.

I understand nothing has been so traumatic in this community for some time. I feel that our elected officials should support local citizens when such tragedy does strike the community. After all, this could have been your sister, mother, or daughter. Wouldn’t you expect some support? Definitely makes me question my votes in the next local elections. I can hope my questions can be answered by local officials that were “assisting” in this case.

Tammy Johnson