When you need help your name shouldn’t matter

Dear Editor,

It's the 27th day of November 2013. A mother is awoke by her 10 year old daughter screaming, "Mommy, Andy's not breathing!" The mother runs to her infant son, his lips are blue. She picks him up to make sure he's not choking and starts CPR.

She doesn't have a phone and her neighbor isn't home so she yells to her three children and a nephew to run to the car. She's still trying to revive her son and drive to the city limits of Falmouth about 10 minutes away. The kids are asking questions like "Mommy, is Andy breathing? Is he going to die?"

When she arrives at the ambulance department she runs to the door with the infant in her arms. The medics greet her and she yells, "Please help, my baby's not breathing!" The medics evaluate the situation and begin CPR again.

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