Kidd writes approval of Mark Hart for State Rep.

Dear Editor,

I wanted to write to you today to tell you about a candidate that I not only believe strongly in, but someone I have watched from a very young age mature into the man he is. He spent many hours in my home and on one particular day I overheard his friends making fun of him while they were involved in some sort of game. It’s hard to imagine that at the age of seven this young man knew his heart was going to be devoted to serving his people. You would never expect to hear from a seven year old what evolved from Mark’s mouth in response to the harassment he was taking. Mark stated in an adamant way, “Someday you will both look up at me; I will be governor of Kentucky.” From that moment on, I witnessed with my own eyes the many times Mark was able to recover himself from being the underdog. Because of this, I believe Mark can identify to all walks of life.

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