Legislative moves on pension reform creates furor among teachers across the state

Teachers have legendary patience as daily they deal with situations that are beyond their control but  falls as their responsibility to handle.

It could be an unruly child that is disrupting the whole classroom. It could be an overwhelming workload that they handle in a 40-minute planning period that is increasingly being decreased by meetings. It could be unfunded mandates being handed down from Frankfort that fall on the shoulders of the teachers to put into places with limited resources. It could be increasing social problems that are beyond the control of the school but to be solved by school. Or it could be a hundred other things.

That patience was tasked and exceeded by the Ky. House of Representatives and Senate with the passing of a pension reform bill  on Thursday, March 29. It was a whirlwind of political maneuvering that left teachers furious both in the hallways of the Capitol Building in Frankfort and on social media, legislators resigned to the fact they had to accept a legislative process they were not comfortable with and a pension reform bill that passed House committee, House body and Senate body in less than 24 hours.

With Senate Bill 1 stalled in the Senate, it seemed there would be no pension reform bill as promised through the fall and into this session.

Since the bill initiated in the Senate and a budget having to be passed on Monday, April 2, the House needed a bill  that  had  passed  in the   

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