State and local officials recently met to discuss the various flood issues in Pendleton County. It was decided that a local flood committee would be formed to help with finding solutions. From left: Cindy Minter, Campbell County Planning Administrator, Senator Wil Schroder, Pendleton County Judge/Executive David Fields, Falmouth Mayor Elonda Hinson, Representative Mark Hart, Brian Thompson, Pendleton County Planning Administrator, Butler Mayor Greg McElfresh.

Pendleton County to form local flood committee

Local officials and community leaders will work together for solutions to the problems caused by flooding

The City of Falmouth, the City of Butler, and Pendleton County are faced with a unique challenge when dealing with future growth planning and economic sustainability of properties located within floodplains.  With the South Fork Licking River and the Licking River dividing the county into thirds, not to mention the myriad of streams, a vast number of homes and businesses are located within the Special Flood Hazard Area “floodplain” as determined by FEMA.  In the City of Falmouth over half of the commercial and residential properties, including downtown shops, emergency and governmental services, are located in the floodplain.

The problem associated with properties located in the floodplain is not only that they must adhere to certain construction regulations and obtain flood permits to improve their property, but, if they carry mortgages, they must purchase flood insurance on their homes and businesses. In fact, Falmouth is in the top ten in the State of Kentucky with 179 flood insurance policies accounting for over $22 million in coverage. If that isn’t enough of a deterrent for developers and potential homeowners seeking to invest in these properties, new regulations passed by the federal government have caused flood insurance rates to rise dramatically over the last few years.

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