Work Ready participants, front row, from left: David Fields, Bobby Fogle, Mike Moore, Anita Meiman, JoEllen Mitchell, Cheri Griffin, Michele Hamilton. Back row: Billy Matthews, Gary Veirs, Steve Ammerman, Chad Simms, Brian Thompson, Rick Mineer, Rodney Miles, Alan Whaley, Anthony Strong, and Bill Mitchell.

Pendleton County certified as “Work Ready In Progress”

Following a year and a half long effort on the part of 80 or so people from Pendleton County under the direction of Bill Mitchell, Director of Development, and Judge Executive David Fields, Pendleton County is now certified Work Ready in Progress. What does that mean? In short, it opens the county up to be considered by businesses and factories seeking to locate in Kentucky. These companies already know before talking to anyone that Pendleton County has an excellent school system with graduates and work age citizens between the ages of 24-65 who are “skills” ready to go to work and there is an infrastructure and Internet broadband speed that will meet the needs of their business. These are just some of the requirements to be a Work Ready In Progress County. 

As Thomas Kelly from the Education Cabinet in Frankfort put it, “The Work Ready Community In Progress certification is a measure of a county’s workforce - an assurance to business and industry that your community is committed to supplying the highly skilled workforce that is required in today’s global economy. 

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