Pendleton Countians finally get to cast their vote


Democrat and Republican candidates chosen to face off in November but vote totals are ONLY in-person votes with absentee ballots to be announced later in the week.


Results are unofficial as absentee ballots must be postmarked by Tuesday, June 23 but could be accepted up to a later date but Pendleton County had a large turnout for a primary election.

With over 10,000 registered voters in Pendleton County, County Clerk Rita Spencer is projecting a 25 percent turnout which is notably higher than the past primary elections.

Over 2,000 absentee ballots was requested and 400 still remain outstanding and could come into Spencer's office over the next few days.

The following vote totals are ONLY for those who voted in-person in Pendleton County and does NOT count any absentee votes. Those are expected to be released on Friday, June 26.

President Donald J. Trump received 255 of the 261 Republican votes cast with only six voting uncommitted. 

On the Democrat side, eventual nominee Joe Biden received 40 votes to lead the names on the ballot but Uncommitted Democrat voters tallied 49 votes. There were 125 Democrat votes cast in-person.

In a close race in the in-person voting, Amy McGrath held a slim 44-42 lead over Charles Booker for the Democrat nominee to challenge U. S. Senator Mitch McConnell received 229 of the 260 votes cast on the Republican side.

For U.S. House District 4, Representative Thomas Massie easily outdistanced his competitor, Todd McMurty, 231-30 via in-person votes while Alexandria Owensby held a 67-40 lead over Shannon Fabert for the Democrat nomination.

The winners of each race will face off in November in the General Election. It is still undetermined on what that election will look like.