Mentalist Richard Osterlind recently paid a visit to The Falmouth Outlook office. He demonstrated his unique ability to bend a spoon with his mind. Photo by Jackie Vaughn.

Mentalist Richard Osterlind will thrill, delight, and leave you wondering, “How in the world?”

There's more going on than what meets the eye when it comes to Richard Osterlind. The Pendleton County resident will thrill and delight you with his abilities in the art of mentalism.

What exactly is mentalism? Mentalism is a performing art where the practitioner demonstrates highly developed mental or intuitive abilities such as hypnosis, telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, mind control, and much more. Mentalism plays on the senses and the spectator's perception of tricks. Mentalists are often referred to as psychic entertainers.    

Osterlind is well-known around the world for his magic and mentalism. He does much more than the ordinary stage tricks you've seen performed by carnival sideshow magicians though. There's no pulling a rabbit out of a hat or sawing a lady in half. When it comes to "The Master Mentalist" and his routine, you watch up close and personal and become part of the act. The legendary showman pulls off illusions that you will say are impossible. From bending kitchen spoons to mind reading to an amped-up version of "Is this your card?", Osterlind will leave you wondering "How did he do that?"

"People are always trying to figure it out," said Osterlind. "There are no stooges, no setups, no prior interaction or hidden stuff. It's all on the up and up. I just do it.

"People love mystery and the unexplained. They love to see people do things that are impossible and unique." 

Osterlind was born in Bridgeport, Conn. in 1948. Ironically, this is the home of renowned showman Phineas Taylor "P. T." Barnum of the famous Barnum & Bailey Circus. "My family would take me to the circus when they could. My favorite thing to see was the sideshow acts."

Osterlind's career started at a young age with simple store-bought magic kits he received as gifts. In college, he played in a band and incorporated stage illusions into the act. Eventually this led to hypnotizing a fellow band member on stage during a performance, setting the course for what would become a lifelong career in mentalism and showmanship. 

Over the last 45 years, Osterlind has perfected his craft and appeared to thousands of fans around the world. He is one of the most popular, requested entertainers today performing over 100 shows per year. Osterlind showcases his unique abilities at schools, churches, corporate events, local venues, and just about anywhere else someone requests to see his talents of the mind. The famed mentalist rubs elbows with the famous such as David Copperfield, who is regarded as the most commercially successful magician in history. Osterlind lists Copperfield amongst his longtime, personal friends and associates.

Osterlind has written and published over twenty books on magic and mentalism. He also has a collection of instructional DVDs that offer help with mentalism, training the unique ability of the mind, stagecraft, and more. 

Osterlind's performances provide him with an opportunity to create and communicate a message to those in attendance. One of the most important ideas he likes to leave with his fans is that nothing is impossible. 

"The moment you think something is impossible, you make it impossible for yourself," said Osterlind. "But if you refuse to buy into that, there's nothing in life you can't accomplish."

Osterlind resides in Falmouth, Ky. with his wife of fifteen years, Lisa. He has two grown children, two stepchildren and two grandchildren. Osterlind is an active member of Turner Ridge Baptist Church and enjoys volunteering time to local projects in the community. 

If you would like to have Richard Osterlind perform at your next event, please call 859-653-5996 for more information. You can also email or visit on the internet.