Make time this Labor Day weekend to see "Beautifully Broken"

It's a story of Pendleton County native Darla Spaulding Hartley's family
Williams tells his daughter, “That clay does not become a beautiful pot without a little fire.”

The struggle for parents is so very real. The worries, the stress and the concerns fills your thoughts and your days.

For the three fathers whose story is told in “Beautifully Broken,” it is no more real than each of us raising children.
    Throughout the movie, you will identify with the struggles that you are watching play out on the screen. It won’t be the same struggles  as none of us have experienced the genocide on the scales of Rwanda where 800,000 people were killed in 100 days.

But while you are watching the actors play the Hartley and Mwizerwa family, you will recall those struggles you faced or are facing as a parent.

It was that way for me as I sat in the movie theatre and watched the story of Pendleton County native, Darla Spaulding Hartley, play out in front of me on the screen.

It was thoughts of Kristen, my daughter, and the many conversations I had with my little punkin like Randy Hartley had with his daughter Andrea,

It was experiences that Jonah, my son, and I have shared together and the wisdom I have tried to impart to him over his soon-to-be 22 years like William Mwizera had with his daughter Aimee.

(Quick sidenote: Since none of you were with me in the movie theater, there is no proof of me being teary-eyed as I recalled those times with my kids. But don’t be surprised if you feel tears coming on as you wistfully recall those days.)

It’s a great story of struggle and triumphant. It’s an inspiring story of how God is working in our lives when we do not realize that He is working.

That is best illustrate when William tells his daughter, “That clay does not become a beautiful pot without a little fire.”

The crowd that I shared the movie experience with enjoyed the film and indicating they would be recommending it to their circle of friends.

They are not alone. The movie has a 97 percent favorable rating on Rotten Tomatoes, 4.5 out of 5 stars on Fandango, and 9 out of 10 for IMDb.

Focus on the Famiily said it was “an inspiring remidner that God cares deeply about families.” Christian Cinema said it is “certain to impact everyone who sees it!”

Maybe the most impressive recommendation came from the Hollywood industry magazine, Variety. It does not have a good reputation on being friendly to Christian movies.

BUT for “Beautifully Broken,” they said it is “solidly crafted and intelligently inspiring...’Beautifully Broken’ enthusiastically and unabashedly celebrates the power of faith and forgiveness.’”

Regal Stadium 14 movie theater in Wilder will continue to show the movie over Labor Day weekend and into next week. Make sure you schedule in the time between  grilled hot dogs, fireworks and end-of-the-summer activities to see the story.

You’ll leave inspired at a time in our country that inspiration is much-needed.

For me, I’ll be in the hammock some this weekend and enjoying a corn dog. Watch the film and you’ll laugh at that last line.