The cast and crew of KRT’s summer production “Footloose, The Musical”: Andrew Bishop, Kate Stuard, Leiern Jackson, Kyle Pollak, Emily Borst, Todd Moorhead, Collin Newton, Scott Mitchell, Ben Cohen, Sarah Cox, Gary Girffith, Natalie Colvin, Kyle Angel, Kendall McCarthy, Kevin Chlapecka, Zack Triska, Christina Tully, Joe Bertucci, Elizabeth Vande Water, Tyler Gabbard, Brett Price, Kailin McColloch, Christine Philpott, Laura Martin, Anne Schneider, Dan Robertson, Katie Bishop, Mikey Mills, Dan Robertson, Anne

KRT kicks off summer production of “Footloose”

Shirley Merrill announces KRT is ‘here to stay’

At press night on Friday, July 8, for the summer production of “Footloose, The Musical”, Shirley Merrill, general manager of Kincaid Regional Theater (KRT), stated unequivocally, “Baring the total collapse of KRT, we are here to stay in Pendleton County.” That is great news for the community. And, speaking of great news, KRT’s production of “Footloose, The Musical”, directed by Joe Bertucci, is spectacular. The summer show, which runs from July 9-31, was originally a 1984 film starring Kevin Bacon. In 1998, it was adapted for stage. And speaking of the stage, the arrangement of the theater, the seating and the sets, are quite original this year, a genuinely refreshing set design by New York University graduate Tyler Gabbard.

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