Johnson fired as Falmouth police chief by Mayor Hinson

"If they want to go to war, we'll go to war. You can bet on that." ~ Phil Taliaferro

The Falmouth Police Department continues to have problems within their ranks and office. If they aren't dealing with complaints from the community or the departure of officers causing their numbers to dwindle thin, another issue will come along and present itself soon enough.

Such was the case on Wednesday, April 27, when Falmouth Mayor Elonda Hinson officially removed Benny Johnson from his position as the city police chief. She cited lack of leadership, ineffective leadership, and an inability to effectively work with her office as the reasons for the decision. Mayor Hinson has declined interviews by the media and offered only Johnson's termination notice as her public statement. 

This comes just less than a year after his hiring date and before the firing of former chief Mark Posey, who was indicted for abuse of public trust and theft, has even started to become a distant memory. Add in the fact that there have been talks about disbanding the Falmouth Police Department and you begin to see why members of the community are concerned about the future of policing in the city. 

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