Falmouth Mayor Elonda Hinson retains attorney

Christopher D. Roach of Pugh and Roach Attorneys in Covington, Kentucky has been retained by Mayor Elonda Hinson as her personal legal counsel. This move on the Mayor’s part comes after numerous statements of alleged misconduct by current and former employees of the City of Falmouth. Roach, having sat through the entire Falmouth City Council meeting on June 11, 2017, delivered an Open Meetings Complaint to Council and Falmouth City Attorney Michael Duncan. Duncan promptly advised council not to comment on the document until all had time to read it at home. The Council could e-mail Duncan with their questions and comments.

Earlier, Dan Bell, Chairman of the Pendleton County Airport Board, presented a brief report regarding plans to up date the airport layout plan. He stated that the 2006 plan was out of date. Further, the airport has purchased land for improved access He said he is hoping to get 40 to 50 planes there and a full-time mechanic. The cost of the new layout plan is $138,000 half of which will be for an overfly and aerial mapping of the area. This will be filed with the FAA. The remainder of the money is for the layout plan, engineers and the extension of the runway.

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