A train derailment occurred just after 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 10 near the old depot in Falmouth. Emergency crews from throughout the county have responded. The entire city has been shut down at this time due to a possible hazardous leak. It will remain this way to a HAZMAT team has arrived. The wreck is believed to stretch from the viaduct near Southern Elementary to the railroad tressel. All photos are available on Facebook. 

11:30 a.m. - Southern Elementary, Rigg Street, and Railroad Avenue are being evacuated. Students are being shuttled to the high school. Parents can pick their children up there. 

Residents have been evacuated on the west side of town. Those who remained have been asked to stay in their houses with their air conditioners off. 

Nobody is permitted to be close or near the railroad tracks. Streets have been blocked off for several blocks in and around the scene. Police are patrolling the area. 

Small World Daycare has been evacuated.

There is believed to be one injury. This is not confirmed. 

Electricty has been knocked out on west side of city.

Reports say that sulfuric acid could be leaking. Here is some information: https://medlineplus.govency/article/002492.htm

EMTs have been dispatched to Family Dollar. Report of woman with eyes burning, throwing up, etc. 

Bedford House residents have reported the smell of an suspicious odor. 

Helicopters will be assessing the damage in the area. 

The train was transporting 76 cars. Some were carrying hazardous chemicals according to CSX. It is unconfirmed what chemicals were onboard. 

Sheriff Peoples reports that there are no apparent leaks but he is waiting on HAZMAT to confirm. 

US 27 is being reopened. No leakage has been detected. 

All NON-EMERGENCY calls to Pendleton County Dispatch, please use 859.654.6540.

More info as it becomes available.