BREAKING NEWS: Counterfeit 100s being passed in Pendleton County


Local businesses need to be alert

  • counterfeit front
    counterfeit front
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    counterfeit back

A mid-30s, dark-haired, white male entered Wells Market wishing to pay for his $10 in gas with a $100 bill. Tina Rodgers who was working behind the counter noticed the bill just did not feel or look right and refused to accept it. She did not return the bill and he fled.

It was the second time in the day that a person had attempted to pass a counterfeit bill. Earlier, a male with a tattoo on his face also tried to use a fake $100 bill. The clerk refused to accept it but the individual was able to leave with the bill.

Falmouth police officer Mark Branham said that they would be investigating the incident.

Wells has several cameras and they were reviewing the digital tapes to try and obtain a photo of the two individuals.