Mackenzie Arrasmith, an employee of Honey Hill Petting Zoo, leads “Amos the Donkey” out on the field to meet Cincinnati Reds All-Star shortstop Zack Cozart at Great American Ball Park.

Pendleton County: Home of All-Star Donkey

Cincinnati Reds shortstop Zack Cozart earned a starting nod in the 2017 MLB All-Star game from the fans and got a donkey from teammate and fellow All-Star Joey Votto. A donkey being trained and raised right here in Pendleton County at Honey Hill Petting Zoo.

Cozart and his son visited a donkey farm near the Reds' spring training facility in Arizona. There he was smitten with donkeys and relayed parts of the trip with his Reds' teammate. Votto joked that if Cozart made the All-Star team, he would buy Cozart a donkey.

The joke took on a life of its own as the normally stoic Joey Votto showed up in a donkey costume on a Reds' pre-game broadcast and implored Reds' fans to vote for Cozart as the National League's starting shortstop. The fans responded and Cozart got the nod and a donkey.

At the Reds second game after the All-Star break versus the Washington Nationals, it was arranged for three donkeys to be present with Cozart getting to meet Amos. The donkeys were provided by Pendleton County's own Honey Hill Petting Zoo who is also raising and training Cozart's donkey which is presently five months old.

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