The Wise Old Owl’s Winter Weather Report

Well...another winter is officially in the books and according to the "Wise Old Owl" Lonnie Gregg, Pendleton County received the amount of significant snowfalls that he predicted it would!

Lonnie is a firm believer that whatever the date number the first accumulating snow occurs on then that is how many measurable snowfalls we will get during the winter.

Pendleton County received a 1/2 inch of snow on January 10 marking the area's first accumulation. This would mean that we're expecting 10 days of snow.

Let's take a look at the Lonnie's Winter Weather Report and see how his theory played out.

Date = Snowfall
December 18 = flurries
January 10 = 1/2 inch*
January 11 = 1 inch*
January 17 = flurries
January 20 = 1 inch*
January 22 = 4 inches*
February 8 = 1 inch*
February 9 = 1/2 inch*
February 12 = 1/4 inch*
February 14 = 3 inches*
February 17 = heavy dusting (slick), 1/8 inch*
February 25 = flurries, light skift
February 26 = flurries
March 2 = flurries
March 3 = 1 1/2 inches*

I've placed an asterisk beside the days that had winter accumulation and as you can see, it added up to a total of 10 days of snowfall. Could there really be something more to this old country weather predicting?

Lonnie stated that this has happened the last three years in a row. No matter what the date, that's the amount of snows we've had!The Wise Old Owl says “It is what it is!”