School Board clarification

After further review of the video recordings, the school board article printed in the November 24 edition of The Falmouth Outlook was in error.

The headline “School Board again fails to support retired teachers” and the first two paragraphs of the article appear to have mischaracterized the board’s lack of action as a sign of no support.

While it is true that no action was taken, no action was requested at that time. Board members were updated on the current state of pending legislation for retired teachers by Superintendent Anthony Strong, who suggested that the board may want to discuss the issue at a later date. There was no action requested of the board and there was no action item on the agenda regarding the petition in question.

At the October meeting, the board stated on multiple occasions that it wants to support retired and current teachers in every way possible but was uncomfortable in supporting the petition that was presented. Strong’s November report was in response to the October discussion.