Pendleton County School Board and new employees, front row, from left: Stacey Erne, Tonya Cummins, Stephanie Prince, Moriah Conrad, Anita Brown, Shelby Woods, Haley Slover. Back row: Allan Kline, Brett Wilburn, Board Members Karen Delaney, Cheri Griffin, Amelia Franxman, Jodi Bertram and Dr. Shawn Nordheim, Angela Albaugh, Brian Duncan. Photo by Ed Salerno.

Looming state budget cuts could mean decrease in funds for Pendleton County Schools

In the action agenda of the Sept. 21, 2017, School Board Meeting, Jan Johnson, Executive Director Finance and Personnel, presented the working budget. She did a thorough job of clarifying the countless details and providing a neat summary of the various funds and their use.

Johnson also made a point of informing the board of a few things in the works in Frankfort could have a severe impact on the 2018-19 school budget. One is the 17.4% cut proposed by Governor Matt Bevin to all state government agencies. School districts across the state are among those agencies and Pendleton County stands to lose $104,475.

Also if the legislature approves the governor’s 401K retirement replacement plan it will cost Pendleton County School District hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to pay the social security payments newly required for the district.

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