Gateway Spring classes at the Falmouth School Center

Gateway Community & Technical College will have Spring classes at the Falmouth School Center. Two classes are being offered:

• English 101 (Writing I) 4-6:45 p.m. on Tuesdays.   This course will be taught by local resident Sharon Valentine. It is great for seniors not in courses that want to get a jumpstart, students attending Gateway or other universities full or part-time, great place for adult students to begin their college career.

• Communications 181 (Basic Public Speaking) 5-7:45 p.m. on Wednesdays. Another really good class for those who want to complete core courses for their college degree or just improve public speaking skills.  It is always nice to get a course like speech out of the way in a small familiar setting, especially for any senior in the College English classes at Pendleton County High School. It is also a difficult class to schedule on college campus because it has a limited enrollment.

This class with the English 101 and 102 complete the components to satisfy the entire communication block of general education requirements. If there is enough participation and interest, the English 102 could follow in summer for those who want to knock out this part of their core classes.

Classes start on January 12. Students can enroll up through January 9. Both classes will be taught at the Pendleton County Gateway Community and Technical College Center on the top floor of the Falmouth School Center.

For more information, call or email Jason Moore at 859-815-7648 or  There is a special Pendleton County Community Scholarship for adults returning to college and other financial aid may be available to those that qualify.